About - Benita Williams Restination Program Retreat
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About me

I am a Personal Optimization Expert who has a proven method to help entrepreneurs tune in to the frequency of their desires.

My biography

Benita Williams is an award-winning author, self-mastery mentor, and personal optimization expert who specializes in helping high-achiever entrepreneurs reach their next evolution without overwhelm, exhaustion, or burnout.

Benita spent 20 loyal years within the nonprofit sector successfully overseeing and executing executive orders on behalf of the organization. Benita harnessed the skillset of leadership, service, delegation, active-listening, and decisiveness with a champion mindset.

Benita utilizes her skillset and expertise to help others transition to their next level of greatness with grace and ease.

Relevant awards

Benita Williams is an award-winning author of 6 books. Benita has also won several awards for her poetry.

During Benita’s nonprofit work she was promoted 4 times within the same company and received several awards including Outstanding Achievement presented by the Mayor for her work within the community. Benita excelled to the highest level within the organization and she is highly regarded by her peers.

Benita most recently was appointed by the Governor to serve on a state board.

Mission statement

Benita offers transformational coaching through a unique retreat experience called Restination. Benita will empower you to have more: achievement, freedom,
and fulfillment without the risk of overwhelm, exhaustion, and burnout.

The key to success is to regiment yourself for the success you desire. Through a series of successes at the expense of overwhelm, burnout, and exhaustion, Benita learned how to take back her power through a 3-step process (refuel, renew, refocus) and now she empowers others to do the same.

Press features

Benita empowers you to have more achievement, freedom, and fulfillment without experiencing overwhelm, exhaustion, or burnout.