It's Easier To Live In Fear Than Faith - Benita Williams Restination Program Retreat
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It’s Easier To Live In Fear Than Faith

I was doing some research on faith verses fear for my new book, “Everything By Faith.” While I was comparing and contrasting these two invisible but powerful forces, I discovered some distinct characteristics between the two that would suggest they are opposites. In actuality, these two forces have more in common than you would think; and I also discovered they are not just opposites (but that is for another blog).

One of the distinct characteristics between faith and fear is the idea that it is easier to live in fear than it is to live in faith. Yes, take another look at that statement. The idea suggests that it is easier to manifest fear than it is to manifest faith. Now I know you are full of faith lol, and I know you think manifestation comes through faith therefore it must be easier to manifest faith than fear. I used to share this same thought until I started gathering research for my new personal growth and development book.

Neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux with NYU explained that it is quite possible to process fear faster than any other human emotion because fear is the only emotion that bypasses the normal tract through the cortex (I explain this further in my book). Understand that all other human emotions travel a distinct path that first enters through the perception of the eye. In other words, all human emotion has some “visual path” or conscious awareness that can be observed and followed. Fear, however, does not travel the same visual path as the other emotions. Fear enters through the mind going straight from the visual thalamus to the amygdala; thus, bypassing the visual cortex. This means you can be afraid of something without seeing anything or being consciously aware of anything that would trigger your fear.

Since the process is quicker for fear of emotion to emerge, fear is easier to manifest than all other human emotion; including love (wow, think about that)! You may have experienced the sudden presence of fear without even knowing exactly why you were afraid. Think about a test you may have had to take; maybe it was a pop-up quiz. Why did the pop-up quiz make you afraid all of a sudden? Perhaps you felt uneasy or anxiety (a type of fear) about a new business opportunity. Something about the opportunity just didn’t seem right to you, so you decided not to pursue. What made you quickly arrive at the fear emotion rather than excitement, confidence, or gratitude?

Again, I would caution you that it is easier to manifest fear than it is faith or any other emotion process. Why is this important to understand? Many of us make decisions based on our emotional instincts. I want to encourage you to take a little more time to become more consciously aware of any fear emotions that may precede any decisions you have to make in business or life. Doing everything by faith is not necessarily easier but making decisions based on fear is just not necessary.

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